Rock n' Roll made me do it

Born in 1972 I grew up as a 70's child in a 70's world listening to 70's music. It was a time when radio stations didn't cut off songs like "Freebird" or "Riders on The Storm". 

Aged 17 I started to play guitar learning songs by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who and the likes. I was there at the dawn of grunge, playing live whenever and wherever I could. I made cringe-worthy appearances on and off stage, became a dad, fled from reality, travelled the world, learned many lessons and turned some of them into songs.

A small selection finally made it onto my first solo album "Me and My Ghosts". Enjoy a ride through my thoughts, memories and inspirations from the past 30 years. 

This is me and my ghosts. 

Thank you for being here with us.


Head in the clouds, pocket full of dreams

When we were young, we weren't afraid of what the future might bring - we were eager to find out.”