From the recording Me and My Ghosts

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I killed a man today
'cause he made you run away
For every time he made you cry
For every tear that left your eyes

I brought him to the ground
Then I fired one more round
Makin‘ sure he wouldn‘t flee
I killed the man I used to be

All those little things I should have done
And shouldn't have
Became a mountain too high to climb
How I wish that I could turn back time

To when the sun looked down on us
When we danced in the rain
When the wind blew our worries away
When our love turned the nights into day

Lord I know I can‘t hold back a river
And I sure can‘t push down the tide
I can‘t hold you back nor turn back the time
And the rivers you cried
Became too deep and too wide

I killed a man today
He made you run away
Look at me it‘s plain to see
Nothing‘s like it used to be
I wish you love I set you free
Just don‘t find a man like me