1. Just a Memory

From the recording Just a Memory

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Giving up 's easier than just giving in
Everything's hard until we begin
With you by my side I take on everything
'cause I know I will win with you on my wing

Let's sit by the fire
Come put your arms around me
I'll tame my desire
There ain't no place where I'd rather be
Let's stay in this moment forever
One day this is all gonna be
Just a memory

Sometimes I wish I could go back in life
Not to change anything but to feel some things twice
Our very first touch
Your breath on my skin
Now we're walking on ice afraid to break in

Let's play some old records
Drink wine while we dance in the dark
Let's light up some candles
With sparks from our hearts
There will be a day that's for sure
We'll look back and all we will see
Just a memory

These tears are words that my heart can't say
This pain is for real and it won't go away
We reaped what we got when we sowed and we plowed
We must heal from the things we don't talk about loud

Let's walk in the rain
To the place where we kissed the first time
That bench by the river
The song of the wind in the pines
Forever's a word made by fools
Too soon we are all gonna be
Just a memory